Our History

[h2][color color=”#00f6ff”]We are Deborah and Tina.[/color][/h2]
We have always been great lovers of dogs and cats. We started out by having an Airedale Terrier to keep our little mongrel ,Lady company. We decided to go for an Airedale because of their wonderful nature. Knowing that terriers are terriers through and through, there are so many good qualities about the Airedale the best of which is that they are ’a proper dog’ . I also wanted to start showing, and after a year of waiting, we finally took Megan home.[textwrap_image align=”left”]https://www.airedalebreeder.co.ukwp-content/uploads/2013/02/debtina.jpg[/textwrap_image]

Megan was never the best show dog , but at this point in time we were all learning a lot about showing , grooming , training etc. She certainly did help us on our way. I was called up to serve in Iraq which put a hold on the showing for a short while, while Tina kept the fort at home. Because I am also a Senior Radiographer and would say I had a good knowledge of human anatomy, and have also done a fair amount of veterinary MRI scanning, we decided to breed from Megan. Our kennel name is Muliebrity, which means womanhood. Our third option when applying for an affix. We kept Elsa, one of Megans first litter.

We are now hooked to the breed , showing and breeding our dogs. Then we moved to a larger property which has enabled us to do and grow more. We sadly lost Megan at a young age to the dreaded cancer. We have had many Airedales which have come and gone. We have 4 residents now, Elsa , Rhys , Skye and Jet. All completely different to each other, but all very lovable. Soon to be increasing.